As the project interface is being actively developed, it is mandatory to contact the partner who is in charge of each pilot to get access with a commoner account. 

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Open Lab Athens is a non-for-profit, digital civics research and technology development lab. It aims to support and extend cooperative work through the design of digital technology and participatory processes. We do this through participatory action research with cooperative and grassroots organizations that contribute to the development of ethical socio-technical innovations.

OpenLab can be reached via e-mail or by visiting its offices.


DAEM S.A. (City of Athens IT Company) is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company, as it has been operating since 1983, aimed at providing Cloud based multiplatform e-Governance to local government organizations, public administration and other authorities and organizations. The development and promotion of new innovative services which are fundamental to the smart and sustainable city idea, lies at the heart of DAEM’s interest and is a strategic objective at the city level.

You can reach DAEM by visiting their offices or via e-mail.


IRI has been created in 2006 by French philosopher Bernard Stiegler as part of the Centre Pompidou to anticipate, accompany and analyze the transformation of cultural practices enabled by digital technologies, and sometimes even to contribute to their very emergence. The institute, now an independent legal entity, primarily explores the field of digital studies, in the sense of a new “organology of knowledge” appearing with the digital, which requires specific studies and concepts. More precisely, the institute investigates the field of cultural and cognitive technologies from a digital humanities point of view, which at IRI is considered to be a specific sector of digital studies. 

The institute can be reached via e-mail or by visiting its offices.


Rete delle Case del Quartiere is a local network that brings together the Neighborhood Houses of Turin with the aim of spreading good practices of social innovation and urban regeneration, starting from the needs the citizens. The citizens are the protagonists of the social and cultural life of the neighborhoods: we believe in a world in which all the inhabitants of the city’s neighborhoods are committed to co-operate, in making their community grow. We work to spread projects and services that improve the quality of life in Turin’s neighborhoods. How? By developing the Neighborhood Houses model: spaces for public use open to all citizens.

Rete delle Case can be contacted via e-mail or by visiting the neighborhood houses.

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