• Milestone 1

    Requirements and model for PA/Citizens collaboration.
    This will contain the analysis of a new model for PA/citizen collaboration enabled by disruptive technologies and includes service analysis and service design requirements definition to inform technological implementation (WP2) and pilot (WP3). An interim deliverable created in [M6] will be updated to create the final deliverable D1.2.
    Detailed description of the implementation specs of disruptive technologies. It specifies, in particular, the interaction between the different components. The specification of the original modules by the partners constituting the background of the project will be adapted to the pilots defined in WP3. The deliverable contains the finalised database schemas, the mobile app specifications and the design of the interfaces among the modules.
    Contains a comprehensive stakeholder map and detailed engagement plan tailored to the different audiences, from different user groups to other stakeholders plus the general public at the EU, national and local level.

    December 2019 (M12)

  • Milestone 2

    Evaluation framework.
    Approach to be adopted towards iterative usability/ functionality evaluation of the three pilots. It includes descriptions of the agreed conceptual approach, operational methods & metrics to be applied and time planning for all evaluation activities throughout the projectÔÇÖs life cycle.

    April 2020 (M16)

  • Milestone 3

    1st release of of CO3 technological prototypes.
    A first release proving that the four main components interact together through the mobile app in ways meeting the requirements defined in WP1.

    June 2020 (M18)

  • Milestone 4

    2nd release of prototype and Baseline results of site-specific evaluation activities.
    Additional functionalities such as the interaction with AR adapted to the needs of a wide range of user types.
    D4.2 Site-specific evaluation methods and preliminary reports
    Presents specific metrics and activities planning for the three pilots.

    December 2020 (M24)

  • Milestone 5

    Pilots report and Socio-cultural-economic impact assessment.
    D3.3 Pilots report
    This report provides a first overview of the operational achievements, experiences and lessons learned from the first months of the pilots operation. It also includes a discussion of any facilitators, changes in pilot environments, and obstacles faced, as well as any implemented adaptations.
    D5.3 Socio-cultural-economic assessment
    Results of pre and post evaluation design. A sociological generative theory, with how to apply economic game theory to commons, to facilitate the construction of an operating model. Programme of soft and life skill courses.

    June 2021 (M30)

  • Milestone 6

    Final results of evaluation /impact assessment activities.
    D3.4 Final release of CO3 technological prototypes
    The release will reflect the enhancements created during T3.3. Any joint work created during the CO3 project will be published under a permissive open-source license (MIT/X11 or BSD 3-clause).
    D5.4 Business Plan for CO3 sustainability
    It will contain a final impact assessment and a business plan for CO3 results adoption by the PAs
    D6.5 Final Exploitation Plan
    Final version of the Exploitation plan

    December 2021 (M36)

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