CO3 software components


FirstLife allows users to interact with a map by searching in a specific area, creating entities and enriching them by adding comments, descriptions and images.

Blockchain Exchange System

The exchange system based on blockchain allows the creation and facilitates the use of tokens, coupons and exchange mechanisms to enable co-creation, co-production and co-management.


LiquidFeedback powers internet platforms for proposition development and decision making.

CO3 mobile app

The CO3 mobile app provides augemented reality features and integrates access to other CO3 components.

Platform support components


OnToMap Logging Service and Data Hub supports semantic data interoperability, cross-application logging of user actions, data sharing and achievements management for gamification within the CO3 platform. 


The CO3 Landing Page is a component which displays data about user activities that are collected by the other front-end applications of the platform.


The AreaViewer is a web map based application providing a view of aggregated data based on OnToMap. 


The InputMap provides a unified system for spatial input.

FirstLife Tile Server

Sources of cartographic information are indexed as tiles (x, y, z) with the format of SVG, GeoJSON or image (PNG, JPEG). The source can be locally stored or remotely retrieved (handled by the local storage).

FirstLife Resource Server

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