State of development of the project’s technologies: OnToMap data HUB (UNITO).

State of development of the project’s technologies: OnToMap data HUB (UNITO).

UNITO presented the architecture of the platform that is currently being used for the integration between the CO3 modules. In this case, the OnToMap, which serves as a HUB service and action/data logger. It is the central point where technical developments consume and produce data through an API. The CO3 OnToMap instance provides:

  • Semantic interoperability between the different developments of the partners
  • Record of the actions carried out by the users, something that is required for the calculation of the gamification elements.
  • Data center where media, additional textual information, and other assets are stored and shared via metadata.

Therefore the API provided by OnToMap maps the access and the information storage of the different user and entity models. The following figure shows an example of the various attributes of the user model published through the API.

Diagram of the user class model implemented to interchange information at the CO3 OTM module.

The following graphic example shows the sequence of actions performed when interacting with the OnToMap API. We can see the interactions that happen between some of the applications of the CO3 and the module of record (CO3OTM Logger) and assignments of the achievements (Achievements manager).

An example of the interaction between a CO3 application and the CO3 OTM modules.

Although it is the first approach to provide the base functionality to the different partners working with CO3 OTM, the architecture may change over time due to other technical requirements that may appear.

CO3 OnToMap uses JSON objects to exchange information between the different modules. For example, in the following figure, an example of downloaded data is shown for the user USER1 about its profile containing the status of each of the gamification elements.

The CO3 OTM implements JSON objects as a data-interchange format.

In short, CO3 OnToMap provides APIs to manage the assignment of achievements and the rules that those follows. It works as a data center and as a logger of the interactions. It allows subscription to events such as reaching the goal of an achievement or the overpass of a threshold for some indicator.

UNITO concludes that although there are still many tasks to implement in CO3 OTM, many of those related to achievement management, information related to user profile and registration are implemented and available to the different partners.

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