LINK’s proposal for the gamification strategy to be used within CO3 (Summary)

LINK’s proposal for the gamification strategy to be used within CO3 (Summary)
LINKS has presented a proposal on gamification. Although it indicates that they should be defined more specifically with the pilots, they consider the following as a starting point. Links sees the need to set some control points (Access, discover, participate…) that delimit the progression of the user on the platform, to ensure that he develops the necessary skills.
Insight of the possible badges (gamification elements) assignment depending on the level of the user engagement.

These checkpoints need to be balanced out for each pilot as there must be a balance between boring and challenging. The aim is to engage the citizens to co-produce and co-manage services to reach the point of constructing a community of active participants, the CO3 Commoners.

The user engagement equilibrium. The user keeps interacting if the task is a challenge.

In order to evaluate the progression of the user, the following essential elements are proposed to be used:

  • Points: they give value to each task and allow the monitoring of all activities. Points are only cumulative during the user’s lifetime. They can never be spent or exchanged.
  • Kudos: As opposed to points, they can be spent and exchanged for services or items. They serve to evaluate and monitor volunteer activities.
  • Counters: They group the counting of other variables used in the implementation of gamification:
    • Likes: Counts the number of likes the user has received based on the content they have provided.
    • Uploaded photos: Shows the number of media items the user has uploaded.
    • Initiatives created: The number of discussions that the user has initiated.
    • Joins: The number of times the user has entered into a workgroup or a task.
    • Creations: Number of objects that the user has created.


For any of the elements provided above, a leader board can be implemented with the top of users at some indicator, encouraging participation.

The following table summarizes the different actions that the user has to carry out in order to increase the points of each gamification element:

Table of the number of points assigned to each variable depending on the action performed by the user.

The following table establishes the relationships between the scores of each element and the badge to be assigned if the achievement is reached:

Table of the badge awarded for superating a threshold of the different points indicators.

An example of the process that could be followed to manage the point/achievement assignments is the following:

  1. Each of the CO3 /APP modules publishes events to the CO3 OnToMap logger module.
  2. At the server-side, for each event that the user produces, there is a revision of the rules, if the event should be rewarded with points.
  3. For each point assignment, a check is made to see if there are any badges, achievements, or levels to be assigned.
  4. Return the user profile to the APP. This profile will be updated with new gamification elements such as badges, leaderboards, progress, and achievements.


It is of vital importance that the rules for assigning points, kudos, and counters are defined within each ACA (Augmented commoning Area). This is because the managers of the ACA know the difference between the user’s profiles that use the service.

An example of a user's progression based on their score. Tasks completion increments the count and produces different rewards.

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